United Kingdom

A destination of rich heritage, stunning landscapes and incredible diversity, the United Kingdom is a land like no other.  The sovereign state is home to the countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as numerous islands all of which are full of exciting attractions, quaint villages and magnificent countryside.  Not only is the UK packed with postcard-worthy scenery, it is also home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, Edinburgh Castle and Stonehenge.  There is adventure around every corner in the UK and something for everyone, so what are you waiting for?

When people think of the UK, mostly what comes to mind is the cities and in particular, London.  The capital of both England and the UK, London is an exciting and eclectic city that offers incredible attractions like the London Eye, spectacular shopping and phenomenal entertainment including the world’s second largest theatre district, the West End.  However, London is not the only UK city with appeal.

​Other English cities also have a lot to offer and have a completely different culture to London.  The UK is truly unique in that you only need to travel 30 minutes to an hour to experience a completely different accent, lifestyle and culture.  Manchester is a city in the north west of England and offers a more relaxed pace of life to the capital alongside a vibrant nightlife scene, world-class art galleries and two world-renowned football clubs.


However, the UK is more than just England and visiting the cities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is equally as exciting.  Scotland in particular has a fantastically rich heritage and is home to beautiful, historic cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow.  The culture in Scotland is also completely different, the land of bagpipes, haggis, whiskey and unrivalled scenery.

​UK National Parks

When it comes to scenery, the UK’s countryside and national parks are undoubtedly picturesque with a vast variety of landscapes.  Home to fifteen national parks, the UK has an abundance of beautiful destinations to visit with a wealth of opportunity to enjoy outdoor activity.  The Lake District is the UK’s most famous and popular national park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with quaint villages, spectacular views and sixteen beautiful lakes.  Meanwhile, the Peak District is the UK’s original national park, brimming with wild moorlands, vast caves and hidden gems.

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is another point of interest with rural charm, pretty villages and buzzing market towns that give it a laid-back, country vibe.  Due to its picture-perfect backdrop, the Cotswolds has been a popular filming location featuring in Downtown Abbey, Harry Potter and The Holiday.

UK Islands

Surrounding the mainland, the UK also has numerous islands scattered throughout the North Sea, Irish Sea and English Channel.  Nestled between Great Britain and the island of Ireland, the Isle Of Man has a rugged coastline, rural landscape and an abundance of medieval castles.  Off the south coast of Great Britain lie Jersey and Guernsey, two islands that are closer to France than they are to mainland UK and are part of the Channel Islands archipelago.

The Channel Islands offer a completely different landscape to the United Kingdom and have a mixture of both British and French influence.  The cobbled towns of Jersey and Guernsey have a laid-back atmosphere and a Mediterranean vibe.  Guernsey has claims to fame with Les Miserables author Victor Hugo calling Guernsey his home and artist Renoir taking a lot of inspiration from the island.  Jersey on the other hand has a rich history and streets bursting with Victorian architecture.

UK Events

In addition to its rich history, beautiful scenery and exciting attractions, the UK’s unique events and traditions also have appeal.  The Royal Family is one of the major sources of tourism for the UK with millions visiting Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and other Royal residence’s every year.  The tradition of Bonfire Night is also unique to the UK, only celebrated in England, a night of fireworks spectaculars and bonfires burning throughout the country.  In Scotland, Hogmanay is celebrated, the Scottish word for the last day of the year and the country’s unique celebration of New Year.  The nightlife is also unlike anywhere else in the world with traditional pubs scattered across every town and village, eclectic clubs offering a wide variety of music and quaint bars serving delicious cocktail menus.

Famous People Born and Raised in the UK

The UK is also exploding with pop culture.  One of the world’s most famous novel and movie series, Harry Potter, was inspired by, written in and filmed across the UK whilst Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes have similar backgrounds of British influence.  In terms of famous individuals, the UK has them in abundance and was the birthplace of incredible artists in their own right such as Shakespeare, David Bowie and J. R. R. Tolkein.

The Beatles were also born and bred in the UK with the city of Liverpool their hometown.  Not only does Liverpool offer brilliant shopping and a vibrant nightlife scene, it also offers a trip down memory lane for Beatles fans with numerous museums and tours on offer.

UK Weather

When it comes to visiting, there is no right or wrong time for a trip to the UK.  Famous for its unexpected weather conditions, it is hard to guarantee the weather in any season, even in the height of summer.  Spring and Autumn are the best times to visit for nature lovers with the countryside bursting into life early on in the year and offering beautiful, vibrant scenery later on.  The Summer is a popular time for events and festivals with a wealth of outdoor concerts and activities on offer as well as beer gardens opening up.  However, Winter and the festive season offer some of the world’s best Christmas markets from charming fairs in small towns and cities to London’s Winter Wonderland extravaganza, the world’s best destination for festive fun.

The country has excellent connections to the rest of the world with numerous international airports throughout the country offering regular flights whilst the Eurostar and ferries can also be utilised if travelling from Europe.  The UK is also a great destination for a road trip and with a wealth of car hire options, you can rent a decent car to explore the UK for a reasonable price.  Accommodation is also in abundance with everything from luxury hotels and charming bed & breakfast’s to cosy log cabins and homey vacation rentals.

With so much to offer and such an eclectic mixture of attractions, activities and landscapes, the UK has something for everyone.  So what are you waiting for? The UK is just waiting to be explored!