Extra Rate Period Rules

Extra Rate Period Rules

We've received a number of requests for a variety of types of extra control over both your rates and the rate periods as well as the rules surrounding their application.

We are pleased to have added a plethora of more advanced options to our rates & rate period management tools in our hotelier Extranet.

  • You now have the ability to set specific arrival/departure days to your rate periods - perfect if you have accommodation that would benefit from limiting arrival days.
  • Also the ability to set rates that will only work on 3, 5 or 7 night stays, but nothing outside these criteria.
  • Multiple rate categories have also been enabled - these can be accessed by your guests if either made 'public' or if the guest enters the correct "discount code" on the booking page. An ideal feature for repeat/key customers who you wish to gain access to discounted prices!

In addition to these new rules we have also added a new "rate testing tool" to the hotelier Extranet. Giving our hotelier the ability to test their pricing and special offers without having to leave the integration of the HOL Extranet.