Reservation 'Flood Prevention'

Reservation 'Flood Prevention'

Recently a client contacted us to see if we could help them avoid a recurrence of a unique problem they experienced last year. They had been unexpectedly inundated with bookings over a particular weekend and it wasn't until later they realised this was due to a locally held sports event that they had forgotten to account for in their rate structure.

In response to this our developers have now incorporated additional logic, namely "Reservation Flooding Prevention" which allows each property to restrict the number of rooms a particular guest can book for any specific arrival date.

This new feature will also send out alert e-mails to the property if anyone attempts to exceed the alert threshold, do let us know if you would like us to activate this feature for your accommodation.

Another improvement that has been implemented over the course of the recent weeks is the complete re-branding of all hotel, guest house and other accommodation reservation pages in line with their respective host websites branding colours/logos and guidelines.