August Reservation System Updates

August Reservation System Updates

Only a couple of booking system feature additions this month, we're saving up the bulk of the additions for a late September release - which of course we'll keep our newsletter subscribers appraised of...

  • Just when you thought it wasn't possible to add any more parameters to our rate periods system we've managed to squeeze in a few extra morsels into the "advanced rate mode" for those hoteliers needing just a little more control - now it's possible to further split up your rates into multiple tiers based on the duration of the guest's stay.
  • The Hotel Booking Statistics has had an extra option added, now allowing you to get a breakdown of your guests browser language - helpful if you're keen to attract guests from abroad and want to know which languages would benefit your hotel reception the most!

Please get in contact with us on our freephone if you'd like to preview a demonstration of these reservation system Extranet additions.