Guest Feedback Module

Guest Feedback Module

We have just released a new feature which helps you to adjust your offers by providing real reviews from real guests. 3-4 days after a guest departed, they will be asked to give feedback on their stay with you, divided into general comments, type of guest (business, couples, family, friends or solo) and a rating out of 5 for the areas Cleanliness, Location, Rooms, Service, Value and Overall. Users can also comment on reviews and ratings and upload videos or pictures of their stay with you, which offers authentic audiovisual material for future guests. This media content will be kept for your usage in the future.

After a guest has sent a review, you will be able to approve or discard it in the HOL Extranet, before it is published on your booking page and website (if you are currently benefiting from the HOL Website Package service). No one other than you will be able to see the reviews until you have approved them, and only you can approve them - so you are in total control.

The main benefits of our new review system are the following:

  • Your potential guests will know what to expect from the stay at your property. They will be more likely to book with you if they are offered authentic reviews by real guests before their booking. This will then increase your conversion rates.
  • The more content you offer on your website, the more SEO traffic you will get. Search engines will drive more people to your page, which again results in more bookings.
  • Your website traffic will go up as visitors will spend more time on your site reading reviews. The more time they spend with you, the less time they spend on competitive websites.
  • The Reviews and Ratings application helps you publish your content on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, making your website more known, to attract more visitors and potential guests. You can publish newly approved reviews and ratings on up to 300 social media sites.
  • When users comment reviews or ratings, the author is notified and returns to your website to view the comment. Similarly, the commentator is notified when another user posts a comment after him. This interactive feature creates loyalty among your website visitors and drives them back to your page repeatedly.
  • The review feature will be branded to fit to your existing website and your company's identity. It is very easy to install and you will see results after a short time.

Don't miss out on this new feature to increase your bookings!