Social Marketing Buttons

Social Marketing Buttons

Our most recent improvement is the adding of social marketing sharing buttons, including one for the new platform Google+. Your guests can now spread the word about your property and their stay quickly via the biggest social media channels.

The influence of Social Media platforms is still often underestimated, but the soaring user numbers don't lie. Over 750 million people worldwide are using Facebook, 200 million people are "twittering" and LinkedIn has 100 million registered members. Why miss out on so many potential customers?

Websites with Social Media Share buttons are on average shared 7 times more often than those without. It is also commonly known that people are more interested in content recommended by friends, so let them share your website on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other Social Marketing sites in just one click. You will get new visitors in return and enhance your brand's online presence without doing anything.

Our new Social Marketing Sharing Buttons are an easy way for your guests or website visitors to share their experience and findings online. Let them share (and with it promote) your website by providing share buttons. People are even more likely to book with you if someone they know recommended your website. So including Social Marketing sharing tools will lead to a higher booking rate.