HOL developers complete OTA-compliant HOL-XML Module

HOL developers complete OTA-compliant HOL-XML Module

After a lengthy development cycle, the London-based HOL development team are now pleased to announce that they've now completed development on a leading-edge XML reservations module fully integrated into the HOL-RES reservation engine.

The module is written to key-in perfectly with the OpenTravel Alliance (OTA) specification (see www.opentravel.org) and provide the capability for authenticated 3rd parties; whether they are OTAs/booking channels, travel agents or central reservation system providers to link directly with the HOL-RES module. When authenticated with HOL these XML-users can then query live accommodation availability at lightening speeds and duly place, modify or cancel accommodation reservations at a whim.

Marinos Panayi, Business Development Manager at HOL said earlier today of this advancement;

"Writing our PULL XML API to the OTA OpenTravel standard was the only choice for Hotels Online. I was advised by development about the pros and cons of writing a bespoke XML interface to our system, however when I saw that the majority of the big players in the industry, such as Booking.com and LateRooms were using the OTA standard I was happy to allow our development resource that extra bit of leeway to learn the OTA standard and then focuss all their attention on that type of interface.

And happily along the development process, converting somewhat towards the OpenTravel way of thinking, we've made HOL a far more comprehensive and fully-featured product to the benefit of all our customers!"

OTA-compliant accommodation reservation messages that are supported in this June 2013 release of HOL-XML include;

  • OTA_PingRQ / OTA_PingRS
  • OTA_HotelSearchRQ / OTA_HotelSearchRS
  • OTA_HotelDescriptiveInfoRQ / OTA_HotelDescriptiveInfoRS
  • OTA_HotelAvailRQ / OTA_HotelAvailRS
  • OTA_HotelResRQ / OTA_HotelResRS
  • OTA_HotelResModifyRQ / OTA_HotelResModifyRS
  • OTA_CancelRQ / RS

If you're an industry professional and would like more details on the capabilities of the HOL-RES XML PULL API please contact us directly.