HOL-RES Integrates with Xero Cloud Accounting Software

HOL-RES Integrates with Xero Cloud Accounting Software

HOL development resource has just enabled the customer invoicing section in the "My Account" section of the HOL Extranet.

HOL hotelier reservations invoices are now integrated directly with Xero cloud-based accounting software; meaning HOL hoteliers are now able to download their HOL invoices directly from "the Cloud" as either PDF, DOCs or CSV - as well as see their outstanding balances!

Xero is an award winning cloud-based piece of accounting software with an excellent API allowing HOL developers to tightly integrate the accounting software with our hotel booking products

This fully featured accounting product includes the following features;

  • Integration with our HOL-RES & HOL-PMS products.
  • Automatic Balance Reconciliation
  • Financial reporting
  • Multi-currency
  • Security

This is only the start of Xero tie-ins to the HOL product line-up, further future HOL & Xero integrations are waiting in the wings. Our HOL-PMS Property Management System will be the main beneficiary of the next Xero tie-in roll-out. This feature will allow all hotelier reservations to be exported and synchronised (securely!) up into your very own Xero account, allowing hoteliers (and your accountants!) full access to their guests transactions from within the Xero platform.

Please contact HOL Support if you wish to make use of these Xero integrations!