HOL-RES Extranet Feature Upgrades For February 2013

HOL-RES Extranet Feature Upgrades For February 2013

Whilst HOL developers are constantly working on improving HOL functionality across the board - earlier this week we rolled out 3 key new features which we can highlight to both Agents and Hoteliers right now;

  • Multi-role Extranet Authentication - For all users; a feature which our users have been asking for of late has been to improve the granularity of the security settings available in our extranet. Whilst previously user accounts had varying amounts of control and security privileges it was clear that this wasn't good enough. From now onwards user accounts can be locked down to only have access specific functions for the specific accommodations that they manage.

    For example an account can be created solely for your accountant so they can download invoices and see financial reports - yet have absolutely no access to the actual availability or rates of your property!

    This improved access control also extends to our HOL-XML module; now all user accounts have their security roles directly linked to which XML PULL/PUSH endpoints they are allowed to invoke.
  • My Property Overview - For Agents and DMCs (Destination Management Companies); who are increasingly using the HOL-RES Extranet as a contract management system which distributes their accommodation stock over the HOL-XML link. As result these Agents need to quickly "sign-off" newly set-up properties and get their stock sent out "over the wire" as soon as possible; the new property overview tool makes it possible to see the entirety of the data for each property in just one screen and thus gives the Agent the instant ability to notice any discrepancies.
  • My Property Errata/Cautions - For Hoteliers; as soon as accommodation data is passed out over XML to 3rd party channels; a modicum of control is lost over the communication of major or minor irregularities with each accommodation. As such both Agents and Hoteliers can now input "Cautions" directly into the Extranet from within the "My Property" section - along with an expiry date - these then get passed on to 3rd party channels for them to utilise and communicate to the potential guests.

For new feature requests please get in touch.