Restrictions Upgrades for Extranet Booking Extras facility

Restrictions Upgrades for Extranet Booking Extras facility

This weekend an out-of-hours upgrade was performed on the HOL reservation system and HOL-RES was upgraded with a new and enhanced Booking Extras facility.

Up-selling of booking extras is included in the booking process by default and more and more hoteliers are taking advantage of this and giving their guests the benefit of adding-on extras to their reservation prior to check-in at their chosen accommodation. Typical extras currently in use within HOL include; a daily newspaper delivered to your room, an extra bed or two, transfers to/from local transport hubs, early/late check-ins and cot hire.

The latest upgrade to Booking Extras now include the following features;

  • Multiple Extra-Types - Extra pricing calculations are now based on one of five possible criteria, the criteria choices are as follows; Per use, Per person, Per night, Per person per night and Per use. Each calculation type is slightly different, giving the maximum flexibility as well as helping explain to the guest during the booking process exactly what the cost implications would be.
  • Assignment & Visibility Rules - A tweak to the visibility rules means Extras now may be bookable against all room types, or just certain room types; the same "all or some" options also apply to both meal plans and rate categories.
  • Extra Expiry Date - The old-fashioned and mandatory expiry date has now been removed and replaced with an optional start/end date, and as such extras will run forever - unless a start and/or end dates are entered as a fail-safe measure, meaning hoteliers will have to look to manage this data less frequently than in the past.
  • Mandatory Extras - A new minimum and maximum quantity extras per accommodation unit setting now gives you more control over the number of extras you sell, for example if you only have one baby cot available or a limited number of parking spaces. Setting the minimum value to anything greater than zero will, in effect, create a mandatory extra - very useful if you wish to include daily mandatory charges such as a booking fee or cleaning fees.
  • Advanced Rules - A new advanced rules section allows hoteliers to set additional rules which dictate how and when the Extra will become available for booking. Including a release/cut-off days settings, min/max night restriction rules and advanced geo-targetting based on the guests geographical booking location in the world.

For help getting your property set-up with these new extra features please get in touch with HOL Support and we'll guide you through the improvements and get your accommodation fully set-up to take advantage of this great up-sell potential!