HOL Booking Island Gain Updated Availability Calendars

HOL Booking Island Gain Updated Availability Calendars

Yesterday we rolled out new availability calendars to our white-labels and both the public HOL-branded & accommodation-branded booking pages - which our hoteliers will more likely know as our "hotel booking islands".

These new availability calendars are now far more aesthetically pleasing, they show both closed-out/stop-sale nights clearly and daily price variations and; increasingly more important in this day and age, they are now crucially mobile device friendly i.e. they will work on your smartphone!

Whilst availability calendars are not as crucial for the larger accommodation providers, for the smaller independent accommodation providers with lower inventory they are an essential tool for their prospective guests to peruse their availability at an instant. Some example smaller serviced-apartments using the new availability calendar include;

Contact HOL Support if you wish to take advantage of the new availability calendar!