New Advanced Purchase & Non-Refundable Rate Logic

New Advanced Purchase & Non-Refundable Rate Logic

This week HOL development have released an update to the HOL rate logic - the most noteably beneficial feature within this update - is the capability to create inherited rate categories. These inherited rate categories now allow for the easy creation of; marked-up, discounted, advanced purchase or non-refundable rate categories.

Previously with each new rate category or band that was created, along with the new rate code, came more hotelier administration. More administration is a chore which we are aware all our hoteliers duly loathe! As a result these new "inherited rate categories" now provide key new features to the hotelier such as uplift or discounted rates - but with just minimal administration (on the part of HOL) to get them set-up, thereafter they work completely transparently!

The level of "inheritance" of your rate categories can be adjusted, there are multiple overrides allowing you to increase the booking release/cut-off days as well as min/max nights stay. The inherited rates can also be marked-up or discounted as required, accommodation using these advanced rate categories include;

Please get in touch with HOL Support if you wish your accommodation to be set-up with a Non-Refundable or Advanced Purchase rate.