Our HOL-WEB product now includes an integrated CMS!

Our HOL-WEB product now includes an integrated CMS!

This week we're pleased to roll out a new feature, a content management facility, for our HOL-Web customers!

Customers & hoteliers using our HOL-Web hotel/guest house/accommodation marketing product are generally happy to leave most of the content upkeep and day-to-day maintenance in the hands of the copywriters and SEO specialists here at HOL. However more frequently these days, hoteliers are wishing to self-manage the content on key pages of their site and quite rightly so given that it's their right! And more often its the pages detailing special offers or local events which, above all, they are best informed to update with petinent marketing information.

On the flip side we know how our hoteliers time is in short supply, so as a result of the aforementioned requirement, HOL development have now integrated a CMS tool directly into our hotelier extranet. This means when you, the hotelier, log-in to update your rates or manage your stop-sales - you can now quickly and easily navigate to the HOL-CMS facility and tweak your website content!

Alex Vincent, head of product development had this to say;

The most key feature, in my mind, was to give our customers the ability to upgrade their site content as quickly and easily as possible. So after a Q&A sessions with some keen hoteliers, we made the decision to fully integrate our custom CMS module right inside the architecture of the HOL Extranet - and thus gain the immediate benefits associated with the role-based security modules which the HOL booking system uses throughout. In the future we'll be looking towards upgrading the photo and file-archive for hoteliers and integrating this with the new HOL-CMS facility - watch this space!

Of course not all hoteliers wish for this level of control, so existing customers should contact HOL Support to get their security access permissions upgraded to be given access to their CMS.