HOL moves key components into the Microsoft Azure Cloud

HOL moves key components into the Microsoft Azure Cloud

HOL have increased system redundancy and performance by moving our CDN (Content Delivery Network) and other key infrastructure components into the Microsoft Cloud, Azure.

Head of Product Development at HOL, Alex Vincent, stated that creating a hybrid system was key to the future of HOL as a scale-able accommodation reservation platform.

"Whilst moving HOL in its entirety to the Cloud isn't going to happen for [us for] some months due to the massive complexities that such a migration would entail.

We have however been waiting for this recent version release to provide an even more resilient service to the worldwide audience of the HOL booking system.

Now we are pleased to promote the fact we're the orchestrators of a hybrid Internet reservation solution - one that can run equally well from on-premises IT, be deployed as a reservation platform running from redundant resources up in the Cloud or [in the case of HOL as of today] run as a hybrid solution with the advantages of both!"

For more information on our Azure cloud integration and what it means for your booking system of choice please get in touch.