Additional HOL Payment Providers CardSave & PaymentSense

Additional HOL Payment Providers CardSave & PaymentSense

As online reservation turnover rises both hoteliers and agents are quite rightly paying more attention to the issue of PCI Compliance as time progresses, and quite rightly so seeing as the financial penalties for PCI non-Compliance are quite unpleasant! Increased customer awareness of the potentials for possible payment card fraud and the though of their details being handled with lack of care and security mean that if the prospective customer has any doubts about the security of either the accommodation or the IBE (Internet Booking Engine) in question then quite simply - that accommodation reservation will not be placed and the customer will turn to another channel to make that booking.

Until this morning HOL-RES has offered two PCI Compliant Payment Service Providers (PSPs) namely Sage Pay and PayPal. However, due to customer requests we have now just rolled out two additional payment providers, CardSave and PaymentSense.

Whilst some eighty-percent of all payment providers are the same, there are some unique functionalities per provider which should be taken into account, as well as of course some diverse charging models. These latest additions now bring the count of HOL-RES payment methods supported to 4 - with an 5th provider scheduled for roll-out in October 2013.

Customers who wish to switch to one of these new payment providers for their hotel bookings should get in touch with HOL Support who can advise them on the benefits and nuances of each provider and the speediest route to either upgrade or switch.