HOL Launches OTA PUSH XML Interface for Channel Managers

HOL Launches OTA PUSH XML Interface for Channel Managers

We are pleased to announce that today, our in-house HOL development team, launched the brand new HOL-XML PUSH Module which allows channel managers and property management systems to integrate at the closest level with the HOL-RES hotel booking system.

Similar to the HOL-XML PULL Module which was launched earlier on this year back in June, this new PUSH XML module has also been written to adhere closely to the OTA (OpenTravel Alliance) standard and thus gives the highest level of interoperability with 3rd party systems from day one. In addition the HOL interface has the added bonus in that it can allow external connections to either our raw XML endpoint or a HTNG message endpoint, these two endpoint types should further eliminate any potential interoperability headaches!

Messages supported by our PUSH XML include the following;

  • OTA_HotelAvailNotifRQ / RS
  • OTA_HotelInvCountNotifRQ / RS
  • OTA_HotelRateAmountNotifRQ / RS

Plus additional messages have now been included to allow 3rd party connections to drawn down reporting information from the HOL system;

  • OTA_HotelInvCountRQ / RS
  • OTA_HotelAvailRQ / RS

Marinos Panayi, Business Development Manager at HOL had this to say;

With bookings from the HOL distribution channels increasing, our more focused and niche channels such as our Isle Of Man, Jersey & Guernsey B2C sites have needed to increase the amount of stock on offer by sourcing real-time availability from external channel managers. Our PUSH XML facility gives HOL the ability to obtain up-to-date rates and availability for a wider range of properties and then make them bookable in minutes of a connection to a channel manager going live - we're expecting a double positive boost to happen shortly as we'll be combining channel/site relaunches along with the additional stock provided by our XML PUSH API.

Hoteliers using alternative channel management software to HOL, such as SiteMinder, ChannelRush, EZYield, etc... should get in touch with their account representatives at these companies and ask to be connected to the HOL channel or alternatively please get in touch with HOL directly and we can show you how to get connected to our B2C/B2B channels.