HOL-RES Booking Engine now TripAdvisor TripConnect Certified

HOL-RES Booking Engine now TripAdvisor TripConnect Certified

Today we are pleased to announce that our flagship hotel travel technology product, our Internet Booking Engine module HOL-RES, has passed the TripAdvisor TripConnect certification process with flying colours and is now certified to the highest Premium level.

Until now, hoteliers who operated independent hotels, guest-houses, inns and B&Bs have had to rely on reservations coming from TripAdvisor via the Online Travel Agents (OTA's) and other big online reservation websites. With the advent of this new TripConnect product, enquiries from your TripAdvisor listings page will be directly routed to your own booking page, saving you valuable percentage points in commission payments!

There are three levels of certification for Internet Booking Engines (IBE's), HOL opted for the more comprehensive Premium level of certification giving our customers the full choice of integration level at which they wish to work with the TripAdvisor platform. The Premium certification means that HOL-RES integrates with TripAdvisor as follows;

  • Real-time availability & rates are made accessible to TripAdvisor; enabling you the hotelier to then bid for traffic to be sent to your booking page.
  • After a reservation is placed an automated review collection service Review Express will be enabled between Hotels Online and TripAdvisor.
  • Enhanced Return On Investment (ROI) reports will be made available to you within the extranet of both HOL and TripAdvisor.

Marinos Panayi, Hotels Online Business Development Director, had this to say;

"The TripConnect integration by HOL with TripAdvisor is a game-changer as far as our hoteliers are concerned. Now hoteliers are going to be able to showcase their direct rates and availability via a powerful Cost-Per-Click (CPC) solution over which they will have full control. This will have the effect of driving prospective guests straight to their fully branded HOL booking page and reducing OTA-bourne costs at the same time!"

TripConnect from TripAdvisor is due to be switched on later this month (October), at which point live prices & availability from HOL-RES will be displayed on your TripAdvisor listing in the Hotel Price Comparison Search box competing directly with OTA's.

For more information on TripConnect please review the following links;

HOL customers need to be aware that to participate in TripConnect they'll require a business listing on TripAdvisor - which HOL will be happy to organise for you!

In the meantime please get in touch with HOL Sales if you desire any more information.