HOL TravelRepublic Channel Upgraded to 2-Way Connection

HOL TravelRepublic Channel Upgraded to 2-Way Connection

A few weeks ago, at the end of September, TravelRepublic.co.uk released a new version of their XML API enabling a 2-way integration between both channel managers and property management systems and their in-house B2C online reservation platform.

HOL had only recently added TravelRepublic.co.uk as a channel back in June, however in true rapid-HOL fashion, our hotel software development team have just rolled out the latest upgrade to our live environment for our HOL-Connect customers to make sure of immediately!

Existing HOL-Connect customers or prospective new channel management customers who'd like to make use of the upgraded 2-way connection should contact HOL sales as soon as possible for a demonstration of the improved synchronisation facility now available.