On-Request Booking Mode Supported by HOL-RES IBE

On-Request Booking Mode Supported by HOL-RES IBE

The latest addition to HOL-RES our flexible accommodation Internet Booking Engine (IBE), is the addition of new booking modes. Traditionally HOL-RES has supported "Confirmed" and "Cancelled" statuses but after a busy 1st quarter of system re-architecture work HOL product development are pleased to announce that HOL-RES supports multiple booking modes to better handle our serviced apartment, holiday villas and short holiday let customers.

Newly supported modes are;

  • Tentative - When a booking is initiated but not completed, guest contact details and stay dates are retained by HOL which customers can then retrieve to chase-up lost sales opportunities.*
  • On Request - Whereby the accommodation doesn't have up-to date availability yet HOL-RES will allow a reservation to be placed with a "pending" status. The guest is made fully aware their booking may be either confirmed or cancelled a short time after placing it with the accommodation - subject to availability checks outside the HOL booking system.
  • On Request Cloaked - An accommodation can take a reservation which, to the guest is confirmed to all intents and purposes however behind the scenes the same external availability checks as "On Request" still need to be made. It's then the accommodation providers' responsibility to handle the guest should their requested rooms no longer be available.

Behind the scenes of both On Request and the On Request Cloaked modes the accommodation suppliers, grand handlers or destination management companies are sent alert notifications via email, fax or text message which request their immediate action to either fully confirm or cancel the booking.

Please give us a call or drop us an email if you'd like more information on the new On Request capabilities of HOL.

*Tentative mode is only available to HOL-PMS or HOL-CRS customers. Requires a guest privacy policy and booking terms & condition change on the part of the hotelier or accommodation owner.