Google Hotel Price Ads (Google HPA) available shortly in HOL-RES & HOL-Canvas

Google Hotel Price Ads (Google HPA) available shortly in HOL-RES & HOL-Canvas

HOL are pleased to announce to our HOL-RES and HOL-Canvas customers that soon they'll be able to get placement on Google Hotel Price Ads thanks to HOL's participation in the early-adopter Google HPA Beta program.

Hotel Price Ads are unique and different from traditional AdWords in that they display hotel rates and availability within the ad itself. Google HPA are displayed on Google Maps, Local Google+ Places (Google Plus), Local Search Results and of course Google Hotel Finder. Hoteliers who participate in Google's Hotel Price Ads program will have their accommodation placed front and centre on all the Google products they choose via a configuration facility within the HOL Extranet.

Your guests will (more often than not) begin their travel plans on Google so it only makes sense for accommodation providers, such as our HOL-RES customers, to reach users across the various Google touch points available. Google HPA will work similarly to the TripAdvisor TripConnect program, i.e. a pay-per-click model whereby hoteliers only pay when potential guests click through to either their HOL-RES booking island or their fully-branded HOL-Canvas white label site.

Please get in touch if you'd like more information or would like to sign-up to Google HPA.