Security Information

Your Security

You can be confident that this hotel reservation system is 100% secure, your details will be handled securely and responsibly at all times and at no time will your personal details be made available to any 3rd party.

In this day and age of increased Internet security awareness we appreciate that some of our visitors desire further reassurance; we hope the details within this document will alleviate any anxieties you may have.

What Security Is In Place?

Whilst accessing the pages of our hotel reservation process; those pages which request personal details from you, your web browser will transmit via our Thawte SSL certificate to ensure the highest level of information transmission security. This SSL certificate ensures that all such browsers requests are encrypted so no external parties will be able to decipher/decrypt them.

So how can you determine that this SSL certificate is being used whilst I create my reservation?

  1. HTTPS - When you access any page on our site [where you are asked to enter your personal details] the Internet address in the top 'URL Bar' of your browser will change from http to https - this additional 's' means this request is secure.
  2. Padlock - Your web browsing software will display a padlock, indicating that a secure browsing session is underway. This padlock will be displayed either in the top 'URL Bar' of your browser or in the status bar at the very bottom of the browser window.
  3. Green URL Bar - For those users who are using the latest web browsers, you will also notice that the background colour of the top 'URL Bar' of your browser will turn a green colour.

When a Padlock is displayed by the browser you will always be able to click on this 'Padlock' and view further details about the website security certificate.

What is an SSL certificate?

You may have heard of an SSL certificate; the SSL being used on our site is a new and improved version of the traditional SSL certificate. Our SSL provides increased security via increased levels of encryption, and better reliability, it is also intended to enhance user confidence in the web application.

By virtue of the fact that we are running an SSL certificate on this site is an indicator that we are the legal owners, as well as the operational and physical owners of this reservations website.