Do you wish to save yourself from those repetitive daily multi-channel updates?

With HOL-Connect our channel management module you can enter stop-sales and review all reservations in just one place, HOL!

HOL-Connect : Channel Manager

HOL-Connect is the channel management add-on module from Hotels Online.

Our add-on module provides a channel management solution for small to mid-sized hotels, guesthouses, bed & breakfasts as well as accommodation providers who handle multiple properties and wish to centralise the handling of their rates and availability.

HOL-Connect acts as an add-on to either the HOL-RES or HOL-PMS modules.

Distribution channels fit into the categories of either 2-way or 1-way:

  • Two-way channels involve the outbound distribution of rates & availability and then handle the subsequent transmission of key booking information back into HOL.
  • One-way channels typically only involve the outward distribution of availability only.

Examples of HOL-Connect 2-way channels include;

Examples of HOL-Connect 1-way channels include;

One-way distribution channels brought to you via our HOL-Connect product include:

We are continually expanding the list of channels that HOL-Connect offers, please contact us for more details on our channel management product.