Do you need an accommodation booking system?

HOL-RES our Internet Booking Engine can help as it's already used by a wide variety of small to mid-sized hotels, guest-houses and bed & breakfasts worldwide!
For guests a simple, inutitive, multi-step, multi-lingual accommodation reservations process.

PCI-level security as standard with multiple types of integrated payments methods available.

HOL-RES : Internet Booking Engine

Our Internet Booking Engine (IBE) HOL-RES lies at the core of the Hotels Online product suite.

The core purpose of the IBE is to handle the placing, modification and cancellation of accommodation reservations; HOL-RES can work either on a standalone basis or in conjunction with other add-on modules such as HOL-PMS or HOL-Connect.

HOL-RES in it's standalone form is suitable for:

  • small to medium sized hotels;
  • bed & breakfasts;
  • guest houses; and
  • self-catering establishments.

Larger organisations, such as travel agents or destination management companies can also utilise many of the features of HOL-RES via other add-on modules such as HOL-Agent, HOL-Canvas and HOL-XML.

How does HOL-RES work?

Outlined below is a simple description of the flow of the most basic method of HOL-RES operation;

  1. A prospective guest visits the web site of the accommodation whether that is a hotel or a guest-house.
  2. Guest decides to place a booking and so clicks a "Book Now" link or button which launches HOL-RES.
  3. Guest now enters pertinent reservation details and completes the secure payment process.
  4. Guest is returned to the starting website; and both guest & hotelier are then notified of the appropriate reservation details.

For more in-depth details please try the features and the HOL-RES FAQ.