HOL-RES IBE Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive payment from my guest?

Our booking engine is fully PCI Compliant. Prospective guests are protected by both an enhanced encryption SSL certificate as well by the optional integration of numerous 3rd party payment processors which we'd be only to happy to set you up with!

Payment processors currently connected to HOL-RES are:

How does HOL-RES work if I don't have a web site?

Unfortunately HOL-RES will only work for those accommodation providers who run a web site. However if you are starting a new property or wish to rid yourself of the hassle involved in running your own search engine optimised web site, we can sign you up for our accommodation web marketing package HOL-Web.

What are the feature of HOL-RES?

Our Internet Booking Engine is constantly evolving as our product team tweak existing features and add brand new features on a weekly basis. For a more in-depth list of features please review the detailed features list.

Can I see HOL-RES "in action"?

We are happy to arrange a demonstration of our Internet Booking Engine. Please contact us and we'll set you up with a demonstration account or arrange a training call to walk you through the myriad of features available to you.

How much does HOL-RES cost?

The costs for accommodation providers running a solitary hotel, guest house or bed & breakfast and wishing to use our IBE are;

  • Set-up & training - free!
  • Support via email or freephone number - free!
  • The only charge is a commission per-booking*

*Per-booking commission is dependent upon accommodation size, location and contractual terms.

If you have further questions please get in touch!