HOL-RES IBE Features & Capabilities

From the perspective of your guest.

The HOL-RES IBE itself is activated when a prospective guest is directed towards the "booking island" running on the HOL servers.

There are generally three methods by which the guest is transferred from your own web site to our systems:

  • a simple HTML hyperlink;
  • a semi-intelligent "quick book" script;
  • or; an intelligent results grid driven by our HOL-Web product.

The booking island itself is a standalone/sectioned-off part of our web site which is branded to match the web site of your accommodation, there are no distracting links to any other services or alternative accommodation options. Your booking island is devoted purely to promoting and handling bookings for your accommodation.

The guest sees as much information about the accommodation as you wish them to see, possible "info modules" available include:

  • accommodation brochure information;
  • cautions & errata information;
  • categorised/captioned photo gallery;
  • availability calendar;
  • Google Map, Google Street View & directions;
  • virtual 360 tours;
  • availability results & pricing information; as well as
  • special offers & promotional information.

The booking process has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, with the guest being carefully led through the minimal number of "clicks" ensuring they place a reservation successfully.

Other features of the public booking process include:

  • multi-lingual capability;
  • both desktop and tablet/mobile-friendly design;
  • PCI-Compliant security; and a
  • 99.97% uptime guarantee.

From the perspective of you, the hotelier.

The Extranet is where hoteliers or front of house managers can access and manage your accommodation's rates, availability, special offers and a plethora of other brochure information related to the marketing of your accommodation online via our Internet Booking Engine.

Our secure Extranet sports a flexible authentication system allowing multiple users access to differing aspects of the same accommodation's core data - as well as providing full audit capability out of the box - so that you know exactly what setting was changed, when and by whom.

Rate Management

HOL-RES features full support for multiple rate categories, including time-saving features like rate inheritance which allow discounts/markups to be applied to child rates; as well as a plethora of rules allowing you to be as specific as you wish when setting up promotional rates.

Some other features of accommodation rate management include:

  • arrival, departure & resident-on rules;
  • minimum, maximum & exact-night stay durations;
  • standard internet rates, advanced purchase rates & non-refundable rates;
  • configurable deposit settings;
  • adult/youth/child and infant rate age bands;
  • multi-currency capability;
  • private rates made accessible by promotional codes;
  • simple categorisation via easy to remember rate codes i.e. NETNET, NET, RACK; and
  • geo-targeting & domain-targeting.