HOL-Web Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

What would such a website look like?

Hoteliers, guesthouse and bed & breakfast owners wishing to switch to the HOL-Web module are given the opportunity to choose their preferred style of site from more than 15 different templates. These website template will then go through an initial basic iteration of customisation, where we'll add your existing logo and tweak the colour scheme to match your corporate branding guidelines.

Can I customise the design beyond the colours?

Yes of course! After the initial customisation is complete we are then happy to discuss with you further customisations on a case by case basis, even though our sites are based on a bespoke template changing a large proportion of the site is still possible from within to ensure that no other hotel website looks quite the same as yours.

How much will this cost?

Here at Hotels Online we're happy to tweak the pricing model of the HOL-Web package on a per customer basis, following roughly these guidelines, either:

  • a single per year license fee; or
  • a smaller per year license fee plus booking commissions via HOL-RES; or
  • 100% booking commissions charged via HOL-RES.

Note, prices incorporating a per year license fee will depend on the size and location of the accommodation itself.

What are the key features of the HOL-Web website add-on?

Crucially the most important difference with a HOL-Web marketing package above any other website is that the site is driven by the power of the HOL-RES system behind the scenes, integrated:

  • availability/price display;
  • availability calendars;
  • special offers feeds;
  • photo gallery;
  • guest reviews; and
  • accommodation contact information.

For a full list, please check out the detailed features page.