HOL-Web Features

Dynamic Availability & Rates Display

The key component of the HOL-Web package is the inclusion of real time availability and prices within your own website. This availability and price information is taken directly from your accommodation inventory stored within the HOL reservation system.

Your guests won't be interested in navigating away to an external page or site to peruse your prices, so blending these prices into your site content dynamically are a clear win for usability.

Once a guest has picked the idea travel dates, room type and meal plan combination on your site they are then seamlessly transferred to a fully branded HOL-RES booking island where they will complete the reservation process.

See example of HOL-Web dynamic rates & availability in action.


Availability Calendars

Successfully communicating accommodation availability is a key ingredient in the success of any hotel or guest house web site. HOL-Web comes with integrated availability calendars which allow your guests to see at an instant if you are fully booked or not.

See example of HOL-Web availability calendars in action.


Integrated Guest Reviews

Unlike other sources of guest reviews - the reviews on HOL-Web are sourced directly from guests who have placed successful reservations within the HOL-RES booking platform.

After the guest has departed your accommodation they'll be contacted via email and asked to spend a couple of minutes to review their stay.

Once again, unlike any other sources of guest reviews; one a new guest review comes in our HOL-Web customers then have the opportunity to approve or reject that review.

See an example of HOL-Web integrated guest reviews in action.


Linked Photo Gallery

Uploading new photos to your web site can be an arduous task. However this isn't the case when you're using our HOL-Web package as you only need to upload your photos once into HOL. And then auto-magically they will be displayed, along with any descriptions and pop-up effects on your web site's gallery and/or slideshow!


Integrated Special Offer Display

HOL-RES is renoun for its hugely capable special offer and rate discounting facility. HOL-Web customers do not need to update their web site special offers pages when they add a new web-bookable special offer into the HOL extranet, it'll appear on their site instantly!


Content Management System

If you are happy for HOL to build your site in the first instance, but you wish to retain control of your site copy. At the simple flick of a switch we can enable our extranet users on our content management system HOL-CMS - meaning you can update all of your site content from any web browser anywhere in the world.