Unable to distribute stock because your current system is not up-to the job?

Our HOL-XML module is a customisable API which gives you an excellent travel industry compliant distribution capability!

HOL-XML : XML Distribution

HOL-XML is an application development interface (API) which exposes the power of the HOL reservation platform to 3rd parties via industry standard XML messages.

Featuring both PUSH & PULL endpoints our XML API allows a properly authenticated 3rd party to either;

  • PULL real time rates and availability from HOL and then place/modify/cancel a reservation; or
  • PUSH rates/availability directly into the HOL system for sale via HOL or HOL customer distribution channels, or for onward distribution further afield via the PULL interface.


OTA-compliant accommodation reservation messages that are supported in present release of HOL-XML include;

  • OTA_PingRQ / RS
  • OTA_HotelSearchRQ / RS
  • OTA_HotelDescriptiveInfoRQ / RS
  • OTA_HotelAvailRQ / RS
  • OTA_HotelResRQ / RS
  • OTA_HotelResModifyRQ / RS
  • OTA_CancelRQ / RS


Messages supported by the PUSH XML module include;

  • OTA_HotelAvailNotifRQ / RS
  • OTA_HotelInvCountNotifRQ / RS
  • OTA_HotelRateAmountNotifRQ / RS

Additional messages have been included to allow 3rd party connections to further draw-down crucial reporting information from the HOL system;

  • OTA_HotelInvCountRQ / RS
  • OTA_HotelAvailRQ / RS

New messages are added and existing messages refined on an on-going basis based on customer demand. The existing web-based service primarily accepts messages following the OpenTravel Alliance (OTA) 2011A specification however we are able to adapt to both older and newer versions of the OTA specification as required.

Please contact us if you'd like further details on the XML messaging capabilities of the HOL system.