Hotel Website Search Engine Optimisation

By far the most common method for prospective guests to find your hotel website would be for them to come via a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the volume of qualified visitor traffic to a web site from search engines via their "natural organic algorithm", i.e. via un-paid search result listings.

Advantages of Hotel SEO

  • Getting visitors from natural searches in search engines is free!
  • Guests are becoming more savvy and are more likely to trust organic results than adverts.
  • Higher positions in the natural search results portrays authority on a topic.

Disadvantages of Hotel SEO

  • Hotel Organic SEO isn't instant, it can take several months for your hotel website to reach the top for your priority keywords.
  • In some markets, especially in travel the competition for getting hotel websites listed high up in the organic search results is massive. Patience, persistence and selecting the right SEO company with expertise and a proven track record in marketing hotels online is important.

How is a hotel website optimised for the search engines?

The aim is to get search engines to identify your hotel website as the most relevant and authoritative for your guest demographic. Once this has been achieved the search engine will place your site at a higher position than other hotel sites which are less authoritative and do not meet the algorithmic ranking criteria which search engines use to calculate the search results listings.

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) involves a number of techniques.

  • Identify search phrases that people are using to find hotels in your demographic
  • Build a search engine-friendly site with informative and accurate content
  • Encourage beneficial websites to link to your hotel website

It is more beneficial to incorporate fundamental SEO techniques when a hotel website is in the initial design and development stages.

Optimising a website primarily involves editing both its content and its structure to increase its relevance for specific keywords.

Algorithms used by search engines to calculate a website's relevancy are constantly evolving as their aim is to display the best results on page one of the search engine results page.

There are also many external elements which can influence the search engines in how they rank hotel websites for various search phrases, so any SEO attempt often needs adjusting.

Successful Hotel SEO

Hotels Online specialises in hotel marketing for hotels worldwide through the successful implementation of organic SEO.

Successful organic search marketing is said to have a "snowball effect" as the higher your hotel's website ranks in search engines for relevant phrases, then a greater number of potential guests will find you. If people like what they see then you will receive more good hotel reviews on websites and comments in social media sites which in turn will increase the number of references and links to your website and this will give your hotel website a boost so it appears higher up in the search results listings.

Hotels Online SEO & Marketing Services

Hotels Online is a full-service hotel marketing company.

We offer organic SEO, hotel branding, website design, custom web development, PPC, hotel video production and internet distribution channels (IDS) so your hotel is successfully marketed worldwide.

Our experienced hotel marketing team are happy to provide you with additional information about organic SEO and discuss hotel website case-studies where we have significantly increased visitor traffic and increased the crucial "look to book" ratio.

Contact us today for a preliminary discussion about how organic SEO can increase the number of visitors to your hotel website.