Pay Per Click & Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) involves the most efficient placement of tailored adverts high up in the search results list of a major search engine. This is often referred to as "sponsored listings" or "pay-per-click" (PPC) e.g. Google Adwords.

Crucially hotels have to pay per visitor click-through to their hotel website.

Paying for every visitor click-through can be costly so in most cases marketing budgets are allocated. Once the budgets run out the sponsored listing/PPC advert will disappear until new funds have been allocated to the marketing campaign.

If money was no object and conversion rates are high for every click-through then this method of hotel marketing is great. However, this is often not the case.

Advantages of Hotel PPC Marketing Campaigns

  • Instant visibility of your hotel adverts at the top of search results, ideal for short-term promotions.
  • Depending on keywords and search phrases it can be a very cost-effective way to attract hotel guests
  • Web analytics will clearly measure conversion rates so you can accurately monitor hotel marketing campaign conversion rates

Disadvantages of Hotel PPC Marketing Campaigns

  • Hotel PPC marketing campaigns can require large budgets depending on the strategy employed
  • Continual on-going management is required to ensure that prices per click are adjusted to achieve the greatest conversion rate for the allocated budget and that the best keywords are included in your hotel marketing campaign

Successful PPC

iCrossing conducted a report asking, "Does running a natural search campaign and a paid search campaign together create more value than running them in a non-integrated manner?" iCrossing demonstrated the crucial role of natural search ranking in an efficient search engine marketing (and overall online) marketing strategy. To help conceptualize search synergy they built a model to illustrate the symbiotic, or synergistic, effect between natural and paid search on online performance. The results obtained from the analyses show strong support for a mutually beneficial relationship between natural and paid search to enhance online performance.

Hotels Online recommend using a combination of both PPC and organic SEO to drive qualified visitor traffic to your hotel website.

Hotels Online PPC & Marketing Services

Hotels Online is a full-service hotel marketing company.

We offer PPC, hotel branding, website design, custom web development, organic SEO and internet distribution channels (IDS) so your hotel will be successfully marketed worldwide.

Our experienced hotel marketing team are happy to provide you with additional information about PPC marketing campaigns and discuss examples where we have significantly increased visitor traffic and the "look to book" ratios of hotel websites.

Please contact us today for a preliminary discussion about how PPC marketing campaigns can increase the number of visitors to your hotel website.